Launched in 2010, BSports takes the technology developed by Bloomberg, the global provider of financial data and analytics, and applies it to the vast data analysis opportunities now available in sport.

Recently, it launched an on-line/mobile consumer product for the European football and betting markets that provides advanced match forecasting and in-match analytics for the ‘Big Five’ leagues: Premiership; Ligue 1; Bundesliga; Serie A; La Liga.

Determined to ensure that this innovative product was optimally positioned for the sporting needs of its European customer-base, Bloomberg commissioned StrategicFusion to develop a new visual identity and help support its consumer brand ambitions as ‘The global leader and premier provider of sports analytics’.

Beyond the ‘Get an edge’ marque, we developed a range of identity applications; mobile app icon; system for how the core BSports brand works alongside its product sub-brands; plus supporting imagery across print and digital media. Mini-guidelines help manage implementation and quality reproduction standards.