Until acquired by ForFarmers, the leading Continental European animal feeds’ manufacturer, BOCM PAULS was the foremost UK producer and one of the most respected brand names. Its comprehensive product range was marketed as: ‘The total feeds business’.

Tasked with the role of helping move the company towards a single, pan-European brand, our work began with an evaluation of the potential positives and negatives associated with dropping the BOCM PAULS brand and associated divisional sub-brands. This included an in-depth review of existing customer research; business and strategy plans; competitor brand strategies; and audit of the corporate and product brands’ portfolio. One-on-one interviews with senior executives, to explore differing strategies for migrating to (one) ForFarmers, completed the picture.

Based on this analysis, we recommended both a change of name for the corporate parent, as well as business divisions. We also advised on the supporting visual hierarchy and divisional branding structure and created several new descriptor names. Finally, we consulted on ways to enhance management of the new system, as well as a top-level strategy for the UK website, providing greater focus on the end-user.