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NHS Providers

Originally known as the Foundation Trust Network, NHS Providers is the membership organisation for NHS public provider trusts. It represents every variety of trust and its members provide the full range of NHS services in hospitals, the community and at home.

StrategicFusion’s consultation with members, staff and stakeholders revealed that, whilst the FTN was a strong organisation, there were significant issues with both awareness and understanding. This was largely caused by a name that failed to reflect that the FTN represented both foundation trusts and trusts; nor communicated the full range of member services. In addition, there was no overt link to the NHS.

NHS Providers - selected from a wide-ranging naming exercise - expresses in a simple way the association’s focus: who it represents and what it does.

This is reinforced by a new strapline: ‘The association of foundation trusts and trusts’. The visual identity and system were developed in-house by NHS Providers, based on an original idea by StrategicFusion.