Prudential Group

The ‘Pru’ is one of the UK’s largest insurance groups with interests in the Far East and USA, where it owns the Jackson brand.

One of its fundamental operating principles is to encourage local market focus and responsibility. In support of this, the plc’s Corporate Responsibility team wished to develop a global CR theme and ‘umbrella’ campaign, into which all national initiatives could draw strength from.

‘Strong Foundations’ was developed from analysis of past CR activity and future plans, evaluated against competitor and ‘peer’ business campaigns. At its heart, it encapsulates the ‘essence’ of the Group’s CR purpose: ‘Helping communities establish those fundamental building-blocks essential for their long-term future’.

The campaign runs both off & on-line and is the focal point for the CR section of the Group website. Brand guidelines control usage and it has featured prominently in the annual Chairman’s Challenge: a Group-wide call to staff to identify the most effective CR initiative.