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Public & not-for-profit

With the increasing levels of competition across the public sector, an organisation’s brand has a critical role to play in creating a clearly defined and differentiated market position.

Whether trying to attract new customers, investment funds or donations - it is increasingly difficult to be heard in a highly congested and, in many cases, fragmented market.

StrategicFusion understands complex and changing market environments and the impact these can have on an organisation. It is important to recognise the effect this has on both the external and internal audiences and develop a strategy that reflects both. In a dynamic and fluid market it is essential to be able to give clarity and certainty to all key audiences. An organisation’s brand can provide the platform to successfully achieve this. Delivering brand certainty gives employees a solid totem to rally round and work from. It informs 

customers of the core insight they need to make the right purchasing decision, and builds a positive perception across the sector. We have a combination of strategic expertise, research insight and creativity to enable us to understand an organisation’s corporate strategy, market context and stakeholder needs. It is this expertise that allows us to define and develop a strong differentiated brand and a robust market positioning and so deliver incremental value and positive outcomes for public sector organisations.