About us

Helping clients extract greater value from their brand

Since 2003 when we created the ‘fusion’ concept, we’ve used it to help over 100 corporate clients from around the world – in many different markets – extract greater value from their brand.

And in today’s digitally-driven world, it still remains at the heart of how we think and what we do. In fact, we believe it’s now more relevant than ever before.

Our beliefs

As you might guess, with a name like ours we believe that world-class brands are built from seamlessly integrating:

  • Corporate strategy…
  • with brand strategy…
  • with brand positioning…
  • with brand expression & experience.

Together delivering:

  • Clarity of message, with consistency of presentation…
  • greater awareness, with deeper understanding…
  • meaningful differentiation, with enhanced relevance…
  • emotional appeal, with rational support.

The winning of hearts… with the winning of minds.

We’ve built our reputation through working with many of the world’s leading companies; that experience has enabled us to deliver against our own promise - solving complicated brand problems, with the minimum of fuss and maximum effectiveness.

In short, making the complex... simple.

Our capabilities

We fuse business strategy & brand consulting, with creative expression & brand engagement.

Our researchers like nothing better than ‘to get under the skin’ of a brand:

  • what do your customers and other stakeholders need?
  • how well are you delivering against those expectations?
  • how do you compare to competition: strengths & weaknesses? What makes you unique?
  • how are you perceived now, in relation to how you want to be in the future?
  • what do you need to do to achieve that: what’s your ‘brand road-map’?

Having established the ‘where to’, our consultants and creatives then tackle the ‘how to’ via:

  • naming
  • visual identity, identity systems & management
  • brand hierarchies & architecture
  • traditional & digital marketing communications’ materials
  • internal embedding & communications’ programmes
  • brand experience & service delivery systems.

Our approach

Our Enbranding™ process is more than a marketing term, it’s a proven approach to delivering added value at every point of the brand journey.

And the obsession with ‘En’?

It means ‘to cause to be something, or cause something to happen’… which is what we see ourselves as being about. Making brands ‘be’.

Envisage: interrogate, understand and define the exact nature of the business & brand challenge... set the strategy; create the ‘road-map’.

Enhance: explore and find the optimum strategic & creative solution... build on existing brand strengths & equities. Although if necessary, consider dramatic change.

Enable: ‘make it happen’, internally and externally... embed the brand and ‘bring it to life’ at all touchpoints. Improve processes and service delivery.

Engage: involve and learn from your stakeholders, both internal and external... taking them with you, every step of the way.

We work efficiently and cost-effectively. Because the fusion concept not only applies to what we do, but also how we do it:

  • rigorous problem solving, with uniquely appealing creativity
  • cutting-edge thinking, with proven know-how
  • comprehensive implementation, with precise budgetary control
  • the scale to deliver, with the promise to care.