Your challenges; our solutions

Brand challenges - like companies - come in all shapes and sizes: from the big and complex; to the small and specific. From major corporate re-positionings; to targeted service enhancements.

Our approach is always built around the individual needs of our clients and their internal and external stakeholders.

We never shoehorn them into ‘our process’, but rather use customer-centric thinking to define and communicate unique business and brand propositions, building clarity and momentum around change.

Here are some recent challenges:

What exactly are our customers' and other stakeholders' future needs?

We help clients better understand the landscape they operate in, analysing current perceptions and experience of their products and services. We help forecast what future expectations and needs look like, and develop strategies to meet them more effectively.

See how we helped Paula Rosa Manhattan

How do we stand out in a crowded marketplace?

We assist businesses to become more customer and solutions-focused by precisely defining their unique market positioning. We communicate their core value proposition and narrative; vision and purpose; missions & ‘reasons to believe’; values & behaviours; image, tone and personality.

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How do we build greater brand clarity, appreciation and impact?

We generate greater brand impact by ensuring clients are clear and consistent in everything they say and do. We develop unique names & identities; reflect clearer organisational structures; create more engaging content; enhance their brand management systems.

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How do we get closer to our customers and other stakeholders?

We help develop stronger, more emotional connections with our clients’ key audiences by improving their experience at every brand touchpoint and ‘moment of truth’. We create new, compelling ways to engage and instigate conversations, while better delivering products and services.

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How do we take our people with us on the journey?

We build understanding and turn it into momentum by creating content and programmes that ensure our clients’ people are heading in the same direction together, motivated for success. We help create values-led workplaces by connecting behaviours and actions to strategy.

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How do we create a more integrated company, or reshape ourselves?

We crystallize the added-value nature of a new organisation at times of major corporate change – e.g. M&A; restructuring – by bringing all parties together behind one unified and inspirational vision. We help realise the potential of the emerging, more focused brand.

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