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More than at any time, we live in an age of brands and branding - from ‘traditional’ product and service-based brands... to digital and e-brands; lifestyle brands; political brands; and branded personalities and individuals.

Sustainability delivers real corporate value... ...but the communications’ challenge is much more than “just tell people what we’re doing”

How do cooperatives earn the ‘brand value’ that their status deserves?

With the prospect of another lockdown looming (albeit lite-r than the last), it’s perhaps even more of a challenge to imagine what the ‘new normal’ might look (and feel) like.

During times of corporate change, what should your communications and branding strategy be? Many of our clients are asking themselves - and us - what they need to do and say differently in order to reflect their sense of self.

‘Top-down’ communications will only inform. Lasting change comes from a ‘bottom-up’, interactive approach

Acquisitions. Mergers. Divestments. Joint-Ventures. Partnerships. Business unit expansion. Business unit consolidation. Positioning and repositioning...

As companies and brands look towards an uncertain future... how can they plan with confidence?

Companies must go ‘beyond research’ to truly understand what makes them different and creates appeal

Post financial crisis, and with life slowly returning to the mergers and acquisitions market, the subject of how to successfully integrate two (or more) separate entities and brands has become - once again - a hot topic.

An IPO presents a number of positioning and communications’ opportunities for any corporate brand, as it’s the one time (depending on the size of the organisation) that media coverage is pretty much guaranteed.