Clarifying an organisation’s value proposition

Formed in 2008 from the merger of Centaur Grain and Grainfarmers, Openfield is the UK’s largest farmer-owned, grain marketing co-operative. They are a key supplier to some of the biggest, most well-known brands in the country.

Concerned that the full scale of their product offering wasn’t sufficiently well understood, they asked us to help them better understand how members and customers perceived their brand and what they saw as its unique value proposition.

Following extensive qualitative research – amongst both internal and external stakeholders – we were able to identify key brand strengths and weaknesses, within a competitive context. Importantly, how best to position the business going forward and how to evolve and enhance its core messaging and ‘brand promise’.

This led us to advise a change to the way the corporate brand was marketed, stressing the ‘dynamic partnership’ between Openfield, its members and customers - in marked contrast to its more reactive, ‘co-operative’ historic nature.

Also to build greater awareness and understanding of the true breadth of their product and service offering – via a combination of seed, fertilizer, grain and storage – under the overarching proposition of ‘More than just grain’.

A simple concept that spoke – and delivered – volumes.

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