Paula Rosa Manhattan

Identifying customers future needs and expectations and how to best meet them

Formed in 2013 from a merger, Paula Rosa Manhattan combines more than a century of experience in the manufacture, supply and installation of fitted kitchen furniture. It is one of the UK’s oldest and largest contract kitchen companies.

In a highly competitive and undifferentiated marketplace, Paula Rosa Manhattan wanted to better understand customers’ perceptions of, and experience with, the company, its products and services. More particularly, to identify their future needs and expectations, and how PRM could best meet them.

We were commissioned to undertake qualitative and quantitative research with a cross-section of customers: qualitative research via telephone interviews; quantitative via a self-completion, online survey.

Subjects for discussion ranged from the ‘large scale’, such as market dynamics and future drivers, within a competitive context; through to more ‘focused’, such as the customer / supplier relationship, and product / service specifics and deliverables.

The research delivered three things: an up-to-date picture of the overall market; insights into how clients’ needs were changing and what PRM had to do to continue to compete effectively as one of the industry’s leading brands; guidance on how to tailor and segment more specifically their product and service offering.

Insights that are delivering quantifiable business results.

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Paula Rosa Manhattan