Trouw Nutrition

Taking your people with you on the journey

Trouw Nutrition is the global leader in innovative feed specialities, premixes and nutritional services for the animal nutrition industry.

Like most organisations, Trouw Nutrition is constantly reassessing and evolving its business, product and service strategies, based on in-depth customer insights.

Yet in service-based businesses, how do you ensure your people not only fully understand the implications of a new strategic ‘shift’, but also engage with the thinking behind it? Because the starting point for any new proposition sits with those who will deliver it: your people.

This was the challenge when Trouw launched its Vision 2030 strategy: how could they ‘bring it to life’ in a way that would capture peoples’ hearts and minds?

A standard Powerpoint presentation was not the way!

Using our experience of developing bespoke internal ‘sell-in’ and communications’ programmes, we created a concept that featured at its heart an interactive, app-based strategy game, based loosely on Rubik’s Cube.

Each sales and marketing executive, working in teams, had to interact with the app, the contents of which were based upon a series of questions extracted from earlier strategy presentations. When answered correctly, the app enabled them to build the ‘cube’, progressively.

It was instructive and challenging... but, most importantly, engaging; changing the learning environment from a passive, to active experience. The game was also timed, with a prize for the individual, or team that completed the task most accurately and efficiently.

A fun concept, with a serious business objective.

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